The Gnaraloo Shearing Shed Concert

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The Reef

On  the final night of the The Reef residency, a very special concert was held in the shearing shed at Gnaraloo station, attended by a small group of Carnarvon locals. Sydney Morning Herald writer Tim Elliott was there, and sets the scene for this special event.

“On the final night of the residency, there’s a concert in the shearing shed of nearby Gnaraloo Station. Miraculously, 190 tickets have been sold. Right on sunset, the crowd starts arriving: farmhands, fishermen and surfers, owners of adjacent stations, locals from Carnarvon, everyone ambling in with their wines and beers to sit on plastic chairs under a hot tin roof, a tornado of giant moths whirring about their heads. ”It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” one woman tells me, looking as if she is about to cry.”

Below are some of the people that were fortunate to be there.We’ll also post these on our facebook page, so if you were there, head over and tag yourself.

The reef residency gnaralooThe Reef Residency


The Reef Residency


The Reef ResidencyThe Reef ResidencyThe Reef Residency


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